Sleazoid City



Sleazoid City is located at 43560.541345678491, -73569.78562124; on the edge of a big ole trash heap

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 10.1 square miles

Lake Placid joins with Crystal Lake in Sleazoid City



As of 2017,  there were 666 residents, most of them deadbeats. Each household has at least two occupants and at least one dead body.


Points of interest:

Trash Video is where you can rent some VHS movies and hang out with cool, extremely good looking people

The Slaughtered Goat is where the locals hangout, weary travelers disappear and murdered friends are always willing to buy you a drink. Beware the moon!

The Boneyard Pet Store is the largest dead animal store on the coast. Sometimes dead is better.

The Circle K Convenience Store… where strange things are always afoot. A new telephone booth was installed as of 2014.

Dante’s Inferno Room, a strip joint, where the girls are to die for!

Dahmer`s Delights is the hottest restaurant and deli in Sleazoid City. The meats are shipped in daily and the cooks spend a lot of time tending to the fresh stock. Gay black men eat for free! BYOB

Ted Bundy`s Shelter for Battered Women is a safe place for the female citizens. Women with shoulder length, brown hair that`s parted in the middle need not apply.

Lizzie Borden Public School – Where children come to sharpen their minds!


Notable people:

Sleazoid City is the home to escaped mental patients, psychopaths with no reasoning, Satan and his family, Serial Killers, Angry Nerds, Lumpy, Judd, and VHS Junkies.



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