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Podcast Host Seth

Seth’s first childhood memory was his babysitter letting him watch Freddy’s Nightmares on HBO when the parents were gone. So naturally, he was born of movies and horror. From Italian slashers, Cannibal romps in the jungle, dubbed ninja action, shot on shiteo and German corpse fucking art, he likes to believe he’s seen it all. A film school reject, he’s taken up cooking professionally and criticizing shitty movies. A serious passion has been VHS collecting that has stemmed from his childhood nostalgia of mom and pop video stores. No longer are we allowed to rent tapes, owe late fees or have small talk with movie clerks so he’s taken it open himself to own as many tapes as possible and create his own sort of personal heaven.



Roxy…. Is she a Sophisticated Fembot, or a Weird Science experiment gone awry? Maybe she’s just a femme fatale that thinks men are nothing but piñatas?  No one has the exact answer and you maybe be a little afraid to even ask these questions…. but one thing is for sure….. Roxy loves 70’s and 80’s horror flicks, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Udo Kier, Serial Killers, and sniffing puppies. She grew up watching a lot of horror films with her brothers and her friends. She hates most mainstream films, is tired of superhero flicks, and is always seeking out an undiscovered obscure gem.



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